Sashiko from a student – October 24, 2022 at 11:19AM

Without learning “Unshin” as a form of rhythmical stitching, this amount of stitches would be quite challenging to make, especially if they stitch “one by one”. This is a “Blanket (Futon)” made by @humuhumu345 – yes, it is NOT our work. It is the work done by my friend who took our Sashiko Class 2 years ago. I am so happy to see her achievement & it strongly encourages me to keep sharing & teaching. I sincerely believe that anyone can do this kind of Sashiko when they learn it appropriately.

I haven’t confirmed with her yet, but I believe it didn’t take as long time as you think to complete this Sashiko. Stitches made by Unshin explains how fast, how enjoyable, how mindful (with prayer) this project was. As you know, “fabric talks”. So do stitches. They represent who the stitcher is, how the stitcher was thinking, and what they were praying for. Since I decided to focus on my own stitching in 2022, I do not have more in-person workshops. In person workshops in 2023 are filling pretty quickly. Online Class is still available for Oct/Nov. I believe what I teach is “Life Long wisdom (& technique)”. It will help to understand more of what I am saying here. It is not “fast” spreading as the other company & its marketing – but I am very happy that I can pass “it” down to both Japanese & anyone in the world. Sashiko is more than stitching – but you will be able to stitch this much with fun by learning Sashiko (of course!!).

延々と続く刺し子の針目。これだけの量の刺し子を、これだけ揃えて形にするとなると、一目ずつ刺す方法ではなかなかに大変です。@humuhumu345 さんの最近の刺し子布団。写真をお借りして紹介しています。運針会を受講下さり、その後もご縁を頂いていて、こうして運針を楽しんで続けて下さっているのを拝見すると、心から運針をお伝えしていて良かったなぁと思うのです。



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