October 31, 2023 at 07:52AM

In the previous Sashiko Live Streaming on 10/26, I received one question: [What is your goal in Sashiko?]. It was in the line of the analogy of climbing the mountain – and it is natural to have this type of question as I said [Money isn’t the goal. It is simply a vehicle to get to the goal]. Some may imagine a huge ambition I have, like creating a big empire of Sashiko. No, I am not interested in any structure to make it big (either empire or a company). Again, the structure/organization is also a vehicle to reach the goal – not the goal itself. So, the goal is pretty simple – to pass down the Sashiko (Stories). More articulately, involving my personal selfish hope, my goal is to leave the Sashiko Story to my daughter, when she may face to her own identity.

The family I have here in the US is a nuclear family. It concludes with 3 of us, yet we have 3 cultures within: American, Jewish, and Japanese. As our relatives aren’t in the U.S. at all, my wife and I were always in charge of my daughter. As much as it was difficult, I wanted it as my childhood was the opposite – I didn’t have a sense of “family” (which I see on TV often) until I made one here. Not many people have dozens of elderly people whom I considered as “grandma”.

Again, it wasn’t the best childhood. However, I also realize how privileged (fortunate) I am to receive all of the “Stories” from so many Grandmas. Ideally, as a father, I want my daughter to have something I had. For me, that is the Sashiko Story here. I hope some of you here would be her “Grandma” when she needs a Story to inspire her. Until then, I hope I can be your grandma through this account. That is my goal in Sashiko.



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