October 08, 2021 at 09:19AM

Sustainability is a critical concern to care for, yet the definition can be widely discussed. I am learning how I can contribute tol. There is no wonder that caring for Sustainability is good for the environment, which is better for us & future, that we reduce the plastic waste. Reducing the possible pollution is of course important. Since Sashiko became a word for “mending”, I often receive a question about Sustainability. Then, I realize the voice comes from a privileged group in developed countries (including myself). Then, I wonder if we hear the voice from other groups. 

I am happy that some find Sashiko as a remedy for Sustainability in Clothing. Sashiko is indeed a practice to appreciate the fabric & what we have (repurpose instead of replace). However, in this trend of “mending”, I often see people saying “We can use whatever we want & upcycle whatever (no need to discuss)” without trying to understand the cultural context behind the word, Sashiko. As a result, they may be repainting, or even worse, destroying the “Cultural” Sustainability. By saying “whatever”, people do not learn the significance of the wisdom, technique, supplies, and many stories why we practice it as “Sashiko”. Is it sustainable? For them, it is sustainable because it satisfies their needs. However, for me, their choice o “repainting culture” isn’t sustainable. 

I am looking at 2 sides of sustainability. Therefore, I would like to keep thinking, and try to “acknowledge” the voices from all possible view-points. Sashiko is MORE than a mending technique. What is “Sustainability” for you, after reading this post?


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