October 06, 2021 at 09:35PM

The final In-person Sashiko Class in 2021 is completed. I may be able to squeeze one or two toward the end of 2021, but as of current plan, I will focus on Webinars & enriching the online contents in 2021. The new friend generously became a model on our Sashiko items. I should be able to work more on photos as well. There are several online events planned. Please check below (I will share the notification on InstaStory later on).

-10/8 (Fri) around 9 pm EDT: Sashiko Live in English (InstaLive).

-10/15 (Fri) around 9 pm EDT: Introduction of Sashiko Tour to Japan with an organizer (InstaLive).

-One Podcast toward the end of Oct.

-One Webinar toward the end of Oct.

On top of that, I will add casual Lives in Instagram & Youtube. I am learning the importance of “delivering the message” on top of “sharing stories.”



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