November 07, 2021 at 07:12AM

“Cultural Appropriation” is a sensitive & difficult issue to discuss. Whenever I talk about it, not only do I lose many followers here, but also I receive pretty angry comments. Some think as if I am going to take away something from them. Of course, I am NOT. In fact, the opposite. I am just sharing stories to avoid C/A because it will be more enjoyable. Not knowing is okay. Knowing it yet ignoring (not acknowledging) it is the problem.

As my personal note to you, let me simplify the C/A issue in Sashiko. If you worry about appropriating the culture of Sashiko and care to read/listen to the stories, then don’t worry. If you think you are appreciating the culture of Sashiko, then please worry if you may appropriate the culture by reading the stories “as if”. The Boundary Line between “Appropriation” and “Appreciation” is clear to me. It is “acknowledgement” (and hopefully caring). For that, no action is needed: I want everyone to enjoy Sashiko. I do. But I want them to enjoy the Sashiko we practice – not the Sashiko “modified (filtered)” by someone non-Japanese for their profit & convenience.

This is my personal voice. I do NOT talk on behalf of other cultures & their C/A issues. Some feel more severe pain than I do, so please do not minimize their words. My goal is not to cause a “split”. It is the opposite. Since Sashiko in English is causing the split, I would like you to be part of my challenge: to unite them into one again. For that, your action & support is very much appreciated.



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