November 06, 2021 at 10:25AM

The Sashiko mask exhibited in ROM now is the mask I actually “heavily” used in 2020. I, of course, washed it before I had sent it, but it isn’t really “clean” in terms of the condition. It is a heavily used mask. I hesitated a bit when I received a request: telling them “It isn’t the mask I made for display. I used it a number of times”. ROM’s reply was: “That’s exactly what we are looking for”.

“From Personal Protection to Personal Expression”: This is the second sentence of the exhibition. Do you remember a series of interesting conversations on this account about how “useless” some think about the Sashiko masks I had shared? So many comments & 2 extreme comments as if I believed in the medical function in this Sashiko Mask. No, I wasn’t. I clearly stated that the mask is not for any medical purpose but more like the way to go through the difficult time with what we had: Sashiko. Many people experience(d) the extremely difficult time in Covid. It is not over yet, and that’s our new normal. Therefore, I want you to care for the stories more. I want the world to learn History: and I want them to learn stories around History. That’s something we can do to preserve who we are as humans in this crazy time.

先日ご紹介した、ROMにて展示されているマスクは、2020年に実際に僕が使っていたマスクです。頻繁に使ってたので、それなりにほつれもあるし、美品なんていうものではありません。何度も繰り返しお伝えしたのです。「がっつりしっかり使ったマスクです。もちろん洗ってから送りますが、でも美品なんていうものではないです」と。その返答が「だからこそ良いんです」というものだった時に、やっぱりふと思い浮かんだのは「用の美」です。どうしても定義を考えてしまうと、民藝と芸術の境界線は必要です。英語にするとわかりやすくて、Folk Art と Fine Artはやっぱり一緒に語るのは危ないです。ただ、日本では「用の美」という境界線があってないような「美」の表現があって、だからこそその曖昧で、でも共通認識の輪郭を残したいんだなと思っているのです。


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