November 04, 2023 at 05:33PM

“Sustainability”, “Mindfulness”, “Uycycle”, and “Attentive to Details (Slow)”… we use these words as something new to improve our lives in 2023. As far as I know, in Japan, these words were part of their “ordinary”. These words weren’t something to achieve. They were there already, and we unfortunately forgot (or are forgetting) them by adapting something else. The reason I speak up about Sashiko in English is to keep what we already have/had – from being changed for something “convenient” for people who do not even care for the culture itself.

One “Fast-Fashion” brand contacted me about our Sashiko. Collaboration with them would increase our publicity significantly. Well, regardless of the potential benefit, I told them what I always state here. I don’t hear back from them – and they would probably find “someone convenient” to adapt Sashiko to their profit. Unfortunately, this Fast Fashion brand isn’t the only one.

As a business to make a profit, there is nothing wrong with their decision. What I want to say is that what is “famous” is not always what it really is. The Internet enables us to see the story behind “popular” – so your time here to read my Story, and spreading to your world, will be the best way to preserve the culture we are about to lose.






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