November 03, 2021 at 10:29AM

(From yesterday’s Reel). If you would like to get skill in Sashiko stitching, please consider taking Atsushi’s Sashiko Class/Workshop to learn the core & essence of Sashiko. By learning with the specific materials & tutorials, anyone can learn how to stitch like we do (Not with this 4x speed, but as fast as you see on our Live Streaming).

There are a few seats left for the Online Sashiko Class 2022 (The link from the profile). One “In-person Workshop” with a massive amount of materials/topics to go through in 3 days in Florida has also a few seats left (@aya_fiber_studio: Other In-person workshops are fully booked at this point. Some may be available for the waiting list. After teaching Sashiko to 500+ people in English, I am confident that I can deliver some eye-opening experience for you. Not only “how to stitch” but also “what/why you stitch”.

When I show my stitching, some say, “Sashiko is about Slow-Stitching. I care for each stitch to be precise, and I do not need to stitch faster”. I am happy for them to enjoy slowness, but the core of Sashiko isn’t there. For me, the true “mindfulness” does not exist in slow-motion. Minding each stitch can be interpreted as judging each stitch. I don’t teach the techniques to make stitches even. I teach mindset & posture & movement so that the stitches will be precise without paying attention to each. For me, true mindfulness resides in the repetitive movement with the rhythm. Trust me. Anyone can learn when they want to & try to. It just requires a bit of boost, and I offer the boost in my Class/Workshop.


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