November 02, 2023 at 05:13PM

(From the previous post) One of the core approach of “Morita Therapy” is “あるがまま (Aru-ga-mama)” which can be translated to “as is / acceptance”. In my learning of psychology, this was an eye-opening moment.

When we (West) experience illness, we try to remove it from our body as if it is the “enemy”. Yes, it can be harmful to our “comfort level”, but also it is part of us. In Morita’s theory, one goal is to learn how to “accept it to be as is”. Let’s say, instead of trying to “fix” the manic (or panic or depression), we accept it is part of us like a problematic family member. A patient go through 4 stages to reach the goal of “Aru-ga-mama”.

The core concept of Sashiko isn’t really “あるがまま” – but acceptance is very fundamental philosophy of Sashiko. Some say “Embrace Imperfection in Sashiko” as if Imperfect isn’t complete – in theory, in Japanese Sashiko, we don’t even have to embrace it because it is “as is”. Why do we have to always fight for the “Correct Answer”? What I teach in Sashiko is completely different from what is taught in English – Our Sashiko Starts when they find their own rhythm to accept their stitches. Therefore, we can have so many beautiful & large Sashiko pieces repeatedly.

Don’t let others define who you are. Don’t allow others to control what is “right” for you. You have already “yourself” within – which can be rough or uncomfortable, but it is a part of you. I hope Sashiko helps you to accept who you really are instead of “trying to be someone else” by following rules & someone’s ideas.

(I am not a medical/psychological professional. Please do not take any radical action without talking to them) & Live Streaming Tonight.



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