May 31, 2022 at 06:55PM

“Stitching reflects who the stitcher is”. In hundreds, and thousands of hours of Sashiko, stitches themselves present who does Sashiko. This is the significance of “Kata”, rhythm, and acceptance. I do not want to force anyone to follow my “definition of (answers to) Sashiko”. Instead of trying to define what Sashiko is, I want to let Sashiko (stitching) define you. This isn’t something extraordinary regardless of the culture. One with no knowledge of Sashiko in stitching can share this significance. Stitching becomes who we are, at some point of their practice.

Therefore, I say what I feel & think. I can say & write what the majority of “customers” would like to hear – but one day, they will find out the contradiction between what I say & what I stitch. Ideally, this account shouldn’t exist. The work we make speaks a lot, and the words are supplemental to the stitches. My mother, Keiko, has a bigger power to do so, and therefore she doesn’t speak up. Many other Sashiko artisans do not speak up for similar reasons. They know they exist in stitching, not “talking”. At the same time, it is extremely important to learn the best way to “deliver the message” – and that’s what I am doing on top of stitching. One day, I hope I can just go back to stitching – until then, I will keep speaking up. My dream came true (has been coming true everyday), and I keep “working” to support my mother, her friends in Sashiko, and my family here. I hope my stitching can tell you who I am. No Good or Bad. No Better or Worse. Don’t let others define who you are. When you stitch in “rhythm”, you will find yourself there.


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