May 21, 2022 at 10:43AM

“You can share your knowledge without being mean.” Umm. I don’t think I am mean. I am just honest. I do not pretend to be extra nice to be liked in Sashiko – there are much more important things to do in preserving the culture. If they think Sashiko isn’t so unique & don’t care about the stories & people behind the words, I do not understand why they insist on using the word “inspired”. What are they inspired after all?

I learned that there is a word for the comment I received – “Tone Policing”. There are so many terms & concepts that I need to learn, but it is a very important process for me to reflect on how suppressed I was in Japan – when I was a part of the majority. Unfortunately, I came to the conclusion to say out loud that “Sashiko & Boro you know are not wrong but (significantly) insufficient”. If they think they know about Sashiko without being able to communicate in Japanese, they need to doubt their knowledge. The “common knowledge” of Sashiko & Boro is insufficient in English, and therefore, having them “defined” can be wrong. Sashiko is not a word for mending. Boro is not a word for patchworking. I can list many more & you can find them in the previous posts here.

I understand it is uncomfortable to be criticized. However, it is “fact” that only a part of Sashiko culture & Boro is translated into their culture. No one’s faults. The Japanese didn’t speak up in Japanese & some translated it without knowing it (hopefully it isn’t intentional). So, it is time to just “accept”. I am not being mean. I am just trying to pass down the Sashiko we practice.


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