May 15, 2022 at 08:38AM

As you know, “Fabric” Carry Memories. We communicate to/via/by/from fabric to something and someone. In short, “Fabric” Talks. When one spends a lot of time with fabric, I believe they have a memorable & unforgettable one which they communicated so deeply – it is a silent communication with abundance.

I do have several memorable pieces. At the same time, for me, the days surrounding fabric itself is a way to carry memories. The word “Sashiko” isn’t just for stitching for me. As Fabric Carry memories, the word also carries memories. I hope you feel the same way about some specific word (or a tangible item) – something define who you are.

Once we get used to the “Communication to Stitching”, we start getting a strange & unique skill – we can distinguish who’s stitching it is as if we can distinguish our friends & family based on how they look. Stitching is like a mirror of ourselves. We can fake anything on the Internet pretending to be whoever or whatever. However, no-one can fake the stitching in the long-term. I sometimes find a “Sashiko Master” who I wonder if they stitch… the stitching they share doesn’t match what they say. Sashiko defines who they are, instead of we define what Sashiko is. In order to share who I am, I share an unedited version of my stitching every Thursday & Friday – on Live where I cannot fake anything real-time.

I believe in Humanity – that “We are decent by nature”. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. However, by sharing the significance of silent communication in Sashiko which illustrate who we are, I hope I can pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing.


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