May 17, 2023 at 11:28AM

One reason I work with Domestika is that their mission matches my “wish”. I offer Sashiko Stories here, tons of Self-made (Amature) Tutorials on Youtube, and “Unedited” Live Streaming every Thursday night. I believe many people learn Sashiko from these free resources, and I provide them because I have a strong wish: I do not want to limit who can learn by what they have or don’t have (here, mainly “money”).

Domestika offers a course with the price that many can afford. They also require teachers to suggest “Substitute” to the items we use (which was a big challenge for me anyway). My recommendations for the items are quite strong, but I understand that there are limitations, too as I do not have a large distribution network. In the course, nothing is “required”. I just want them to acknowledge the “difference” though (for that, “whatever” is NOT fine).

As I wish to avoid the forum being a “Marketing Platform”, I would like to introduce a Sashiko Supplier with decent understanding of what Sashiko is to us. Please send me a DM in a “proper way in Japanese” if you want me to mention your store in the FAQ. If you write in Japanese, the message in Japanese is great. If you don’t, write in English. Please do NOT write in Japanese if you need to rely on a translator. Your store does not need to carry items that I recommend. I ask, though, a proper acknowledgement. Any resources I can understand who you are is great. I will consider it based on the DM I receive. For now, suppliers only in countries outside of the US as I want to prioritize my stores for that. I want to introduce the supplier with care – not with power and popularity.

I understand that making a “Distributor” is a solution – but I cannot do so as our production is too small. Only Sashiko Artisans I get to know carry our items for now. I hope this will be a fair decision for those who wish to get good supplies from caring suppliers.


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