May 16, 2023 at 05:44PM

I very much appreciate a lot of feedback on the new Course on Domestika: Introduction to Japanese Sashiko. I am working on making Q&A for the registration process. For the enrollment, please check “Stories” or the link on Bio.

If you follow me for a while here, you may find this new course “inconsistent” to what I have been saying (speaking up) here. You may wonder why Domestika? You may have many questions coming up. So did I in the process. It wasn’t an easy decision for me to challenge this. It wasn’t probably an easy process for Domestika’s Great Team to work with me (as you know I can be quite “difficult” when it comes to Sashiko). I plan to share the stories behind the decision on our Official Website ( The link is on Story under “Domestika” Highlight.

In conclusion, I really wanted to end the very sad & painful process of Q&A, which I had had so many times in the last 5 years. Can you guess what was the question I struggled with? Don’t get me wrong. I did NOT struggle with the people who asked – I just didn’t like my answer & I didn’t like the fact I don’t have the answer they want & only available answer I had was painful.

The question is/was [What is your recommendation to start enjoying Sashiko in English? Books or Course?]. My answer was always [Unfortunately I don’t have any recommendation in English. Therefore, I feel the need to speak up this much here on SNS]. Yes, My existing Class/Workshop is my biggest recommendation – but it requires some “commitment” – not for someone who just wants to see what Sashiko is like. “No Recommendation on what I have spent my life on” is quite… sad.

Now, with Domestika’s help, I have the answer to this “welcomed” question – My recommendation to learn the introduction of Sashiko is on Domestika! The course is always available on Domestika, and I have now the answer they expect. I am the same – nothing is different before & after.


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