May 09, 2021 at 01:32PM

In 2014, I immigrated to the US where my wife had her profession. Then, we learned that we received a daughter. Then, Keiko asked me if I could help her to “restart” everything she had loved. In 2015, when I met my daughter for the first time, I made my life to live for these 3 generations of women. I am happy & proud of that. (I used to think “A man provides for the family”, and I kind of still think like that deep in the consciousness, but I am mindful to change it). 

Happy Mother’s day to Keiko – a genius artist (and “sometimes” a nightmare as a mother – I mean… you know what I mean to have a genius artist as a mother). She casually applies Sashiko to her life, and I sincerely believe that she is the future of Sashiko. It is my privilege & pleasure to support her so that she can keep making & stitching – and I am learning a lot from not only what she is capable of, but also who she is. And, Happy Mother’s day to my wife who is barely in the photo – a mother of this beautiful child & a model of many photos I take. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!



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