May 05, 2024 at 05:04PM

This is a Sashiko Furoshiki I had been working on for the last 7 days while skipping most Socials (including IG Posts here). I am enjoying what I am teaching to many. All I teach/sell is something I do with my pride. I have been sharing Sashiko Stories with the sincere belief of the importance of “Actual Stories”. Stories are incredibly important, indeed, but for only those who are willing to listen. Unfortunately, in today’s Sashiko, a majority is not willing to learn it if it makes them uncomfortable or inconvenient. My Sadness should be legitimate, yet silly as I am trying to deliver “it” to those who don’t care to even have.

Please don’t get me wrong. I will NOT stop sharing Sashiko Stories as you here who is reading this is my treasure. I am just saying that I will treat myself better by doing something I enjoy – which happens to be Sashiko.

This much amount of stitches may speak for itself. It isn’t such a big deal to me, but for those who are looking for the “answers”, what I (we) make may be an opportunity to open up. What do you hear from this Furoshiki? What do you read in these stitches? I caught my daughter snuggling in it, and asked her if it is okay to take pictures outside. A “perfect” stitch? Embracing Imperfection? Sashiko is more than those shallow answers.




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