March 20, 2024 at 07:04PM

“Relax”. “Get Over It.” “Stop OverReacting”… Some try to sooth me when they see the word “Cultural Appropriation”. I am not angry at those who use the word Sashiko so much. My anger goes to those who “minimize” a voice based on their value (what they think it is spoken here instead of what is actually spoken).

One of the biggest pains in life is “Not being understood”. I have been there. I have done that. Therefore, I try my best to NOT minimize someone’s voice. I may not help them directly – but I try to listen to what they say, instead of what I think they are saying.

I see so many “giving up”. They define “Agner” as a bad emotion, and they minimize others who speak up. The anger has to be managed & used for the correct direction, yet I am never going to “Get Over It” when someone is “changing” the culture I find my identity within. So many Stories & Wisdom are ignored by those who think they know better – or worse, to simplify the culture to maximize their profit.

One example. The Sashiko Needles we use have very small eyes in contrast to the thickness/twist of our thread. Some easily say that Sashiko Needles require “big eyes” ignoring their lack of skill & experience. I wonder if they have thought of stories why the manufacturer made the eye so small when the goal is to “sell” it and the customers prefer to go the easy way? It is because there are reasons to keep it the way it is. I respect those manufactures & I never give up in speaking up to something so big that our voices are so easily minimized. My voice may be so quiet yet, but I am no longer silent.


では「理解されること」とはどういうことかも考えなきゃです。それは「ありのままを尊重すること」なのかもしれません。英語圏での刺し子は、先人の声を「Minimize – 最小に見積もること」をしています。キツイ言い方に帰ると、「みくびる」、あるいは「軽視する」。日本語ができないのに、日本の文化を、日本人が当たり前にしてきた文化を「それはちっぽけなことだよ」なんて言うことが、私の英語圏での孤独に繋がります。あぁ理解されてないんだろうなと。あるいは、理解するつもりもないんだろうなと。


#Sashiko #刺し子


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