March 12, 2024 at 11:44AM

I never refuse the Change in Sashiko. All I ask for is “acknowledgement”. Some call their stitching Sashiko with no understanding of what Sashiko is. Some may do so simply because of how “Sashiko” looks. Some even think that a pattern itself is called Sashiko… Well. To avoid the “Change with Ignorance”, I keep sharing the Stories. I just say “Don’t (Intentionally) Ignore”… I hope it isn’t too much to ask.

KUON (@kuon_tokyo_official) is a brand that has been bridging Past & Future in Sashiko. I met the founder of Kuon when I was in Otsuchi town after the 3/11 earthquake. It has been more than 12 years since… and he is now launching the new project to “expand the possibility of Sashiko”. There are so many “Sashiko Artists and Designers” now. Some of them make something very “traditional look” or good looking imitation. However, there aren’t so many Fashion brands who sincerely care for the origin of its practice. I hope that this society will support not only the past but also the future of precious practices such as Sashiko as we stitch every day for the future while appreciating the past.

I will write about his new project more in the next post.


では「過去を無視しない変化」とはどういうものか。過去をどれだけ認識するかは、未来に向けての覚悟の量と比例してくるとは思うのですが(趣味で今を楽しみたいだけの人はそれほど過去を学ぶ必要はないけれど、未来を作ろうとする気概のある人は過去を学ぶ必要がある)、刺し子を商業ベースに乗っけてファッションとして昇華させながらも、しっかりと過去も尊重して下さっているブランドが存在します。それが、KUON (@kuon_tokyo_official) であり、デザイナーの石橋さん (@shinichiro_ishibashi_ ) です。お洒落とは真逆に位置している私ですが、カッコいいものはカッコいい。私達の刺し子の可能性の一つとして、本当に嬉しく、そして頼もしく思っています。


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