July 31, 2021 at 08:33AM

10 years have passed since we joined a Earthquake Disaster Recovery Project with Sashiko, so called Otsuchi Sashiko Project (@ootsuchisashikoproject). Earthquake & Tsunami wiped away many precious things from the town. It is a project to mend, strengthen, and “make it beautiful again” with Sashiko. It is our sincere honor to be part of this project for 10+ years.

On the 10th anniversary, we decided to make something memorable. I share/teach “Sashiko” online in Japanese as well – and we all are part of “Ibasho” that I am trying my sincere best to make & protect. With a total of 64 people, we made this big piece. All hand-stitched. Keiko connected all of them to connect them to one – like a flower, or like hands with praying with “En 縁 & 円”. It is an on-going project with many rising Sashiko artisans. Sashiko isn’t in the past yet. It is still alive… so please do not ignore the voices from Japanese people for someone’s convenience.

*I so wished to involve my Sashiko friends outside of Japan with this project. However, due to Covid-19 & shipping logistics, I had to prioritize the date to complete. I will involve you (graduates of my class/workshop) for the next possible project.



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