July 29, 2021 at 02:52PM

In the last 2 years, I believe I have never had any nasty arguments with anyone who came to me to learn Sashiko. Some are professionals in textile. Some are teachers of crafting – even Sashiko. There are so many reasons I keep saying: “Sashiko (introduced/taught) in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient”. And the “students” in my Online Class or In-person workshop realize how our mindsets (Western & Japanese) are different. 

To be honest, it is quite easy to be a Sashiko Teacher. I offer only “One (Core & Essencial)” class. It is simply because my teaching concludes there. Yes, I sometimes arrange the workshops, but it is more “Application” like saying let’s enjoy Sashiko together. Therefore I ask. Please be mindful of whom you are learning from. Some give me interesting feedback – that they have to “unlearn” all of the things they had learned, in order to stitch like we do. The value & mindset one has is valid & respected. Getting better in controlling the needle to make even stitches & stitching faster isn’t wrong at all. However, they have to understand that Sashiko is from their foreign culture & therefore, there is a completely different mindset & value there. It took 5 years for me to realize how & what I am teaching. Now, I am pretty confident that I can finally “teach” Sashiko. It was an “eye-opening” workshop even in 2017 (when I started teaching in English). Now, I can promise to help you to open another box – which is deeply linked to the Japaneseness in stitching. Sashiko is more than techniques in the trend.



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