July 30, 2023 at 10:10AM

I sometimes use the words “privilege” and “power”, which may be uncomfortable for you to read. They are new words to me. To be honest,I have never thought of “privilege” until I moved to the US (which clarifies that I was privileged in Japan). Understanding this “privilege” is important to bridge the appropriation to appreciation.

Please be advised that there are many ways to define the word “privilege”. What I write here is purely my understanding. That being said, for me, the “privilege” is “level or numbers of choices”. In a rough summary, the more one has choices, the more privileged they is. In the context of Sashiko, [English] as the language is one privilege as the experience in Sashiko is less significant than the proficiency of English when it comes to “teaching Sashiko”. As there are/were numbers of Japanese Sashiko Artisans buried in the trend, I keep saying Sashiko introduced in English is insufficient – when one defines it as “All You Need to Know”, it is because of language – not practice itself. It is not fair.

Privilege itself is not a matter of Good or Bad to me. There is nothing I can do to have or to avoid the privilege, yet why is the word “privilege” used as a word to be accused of…? I personally think the “privilege” is something I appreciate – but it becomes an issue when we do not “acknowledge” it. When one ignores their privilege they have, they may cause harmful situations. Power comes with Responsibility, and I hope that privilege with acknowledgement will help others with less choices. As I always say, this “acknowledgement” is the bridge between Appropriation and Appreciation (which will be the main topic I talk with @made.by.yuki – Again, this is purely my current understanding. I hope to learn & share more there.



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