July 28, 2023 at 09:42PM

Many say that what they like about Sashiko is the pattern & design. It is true that the pattern & design are very important aspects of Sashiko. However, Sashiko is more than “Pattern/Design” as I also say [Sashiko is more than just technique].

In one Live Stream, I complained that I had to pick the pattern for the next project. We got into an interesting discussion, and I concluded that the pattern doesn’t matter, in the extreme situation, as long as I can keep stitching. The form, and act of stitching, can be more important to me than outcome (Pattern/Design). I tried to elaborate on the extreme situation. The easiest way is to keep stitching parallel lines forever (like a “Free-Style” running stitch I have done before). At the same time, I wanted to show that one can keep stitching the same patterns almost forever – because, for me (back then), the act of stitching was more important than the pattern itself.

This is how [100 meter of Asanoha] started. It is as simple as it sounds. I will stitch the Asanoha pattern for 100 meters of fabric. The width of our favorite fabric is about 120 meters, so 84 pieces of fabric will do & I can connect them. To me, this may be my first ever “Art” piece as this contains my strong message [Design doesn’t have to be the primary reason for Sashiko]. I just wanted to show one can do this… so please don’t ask me what I would do with the 100 meter of Asanoha… This “Stitching for the purpose of stitching” is already a spin-off from the main frame of Sashiko – so, I share the stories & try to move Sashiko forward to “Art” somehow. Well. It was more tiring than I thought – so still I am half way. What do they look like? I brought them to Domestika, and we played with them. I hope this communicates what is “more” I often explain.

Photo © Domestika



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