July 20, 2023 at 10:14AM

[I found a SNS post introducing a new word “Sashiko” to describe Decorative Mending. I shall use “Sashiko” so it’s much easier.] ☆
This is an example of how a (foreign) word is consumed for someone’s convenience and profit. It is sad, but this is how it is today. I am probably doing similar things to other words without realizing it. Therefore, I won’t say “It is okay”, but I understand how others happen to use the word “Sashiko” for their own convenience. I don’t question to a person who is just using the word Sashiko innocently – because it happens. However, it becomes a completely different story when they hear someone’s voice saying [the usage is incorrect/insufficient]. If someone is suffering because of the words I use insufficiently, I will pause, then listen to the message. In this account, the previous comment was not only ignoring the message but also “advising” me to correct my approach to the issue. As I learned from many people in the past, this is based on the “Colonizing” Mindset. This type of “advice”, saying [Remove Barrier] is a way to suppress the inconvenient voice from the origin. This is how the culture is erased by “bigger” voices (here, English) – and this escalates because of “Teachers” who think they know enough to teach.

I ignore “trolls’ ‘ as it isn’t healthy to engage. Well. This type of comment is worse than trolling to me because “they think they know more”. – specifically speaking about Sashiko, I can assure I know more than they know. Therefore I have to speak up. No matter how much cost I have to pay, how painful it is, I need to keep speaking up.

We may hurt someone unintentionally. When we hear agonizing voice, we should simply listen to, pause what we say (insist), and hopefully change something. Never, ever question their pain, or even offer “advice” to change how they feel the pain – because it may be us who are creating the pain. No need to agree with everything, but there is a HUGE gap between being different & being Ignorance – this was one significant example of Ignorance.

Some analogies came up to my mind. I plan to share them in Live Streaming tonight.


#Sashiko #刺し子


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