July 01, 2022 at 02:19PM

We now respect “Equality” in many aspects. I am learning every day, and I feel this is a great shift in our history. Social Equality is quite important. At the same time, however, we must acknowledge that there were many types of “Inequality” in our history – in fact, more or less, even today. In Japan, when the Japanese practiced Sashiko, Gender Inequality was quite significant. Men were more privileged (like other cultures, too). Historically, Sashiko was a work for women. My struggle kicks in here because I was a man who tried to receive the practice of traditionally done by women (there is nothing wrong with men to stitch Sashiko, I am talking about the “difference” in history, not the discrimination).

Instead of justifying myself & being defensive, I have been trying to “learn”. There are, of course, things that I cannot experience due to the gender difference. However, I can try & imagine. For that, what I do is a bit contradictory because sharing “stories” by talking/writing isn’t probably the primary way to describe what Sashiko is. An ability (permission) to talk was more for those with power, and women who practiced Sashiko probably didn’t have the choice to speak up freely. Instead, they put themselves into stitching THEREFORE, some Sashiko Jackets are so powerful.

Keiko isn’t a really good at explaining things. She loves to chat, but not a story-teller. I used to be pretty quiet because “silence” can sometimes be better in our culture. The more I learn about the Western Culture, some consider “silence” as “No Voice”, which may lead to the “Non existence”. Well, we exist. We can make this kind of Jacket even today. Sashiko isn’t only in the Past. We are here – and I will follow the Western Value to preserve the Japanese Value as well.



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