January 24, 2024 at 07:33AM

I occasionally say: Teaching (in Sashiko) has become an Entertainment. There is nothing wrong with “Entertainment” itself. As you may know, I try to make my Sashiko teaching as Entertaining as possible. However, when it comes to “Teaching someone’s culture as its master”, describing their teaching as “One Stop for All”, or using fancy words to attract an audience focusing (only) on Entertainment can be very harmful to the Culture.

Entertainment requires “Enjoyment”. Enjoyment in this context is “Momentary” like a Dot. It can exist in the past or future, but it is a piece of Dot. Culture is a Flow connecting all kinds of Dot including Entertainments & many other both positive & negatives events. Therefore, I shout for the importance of acknowledging the upstream. Therefore, I keep sharing the Stories to connect dots to make it “Flow” again.

I wonder how many Sashiko Teachers/Masters think about “Dots and Flow”. If they don’t know, I want them to learn. If they realize the Dots & Flow, and then ignore them (to maximize their profit), then it is a huge issue. Entertainment is an extremely important factor to preserve the culture. Trust me. I care about the “fun/laugh” in my classes more than anyone. However, when they neglect to identify their teaching as “Entertainment”, the culture will be lost… and there won’t be anyone who can make this kind of Jacket. My friends say it is “Wearable Art”. Thanks to them, we can keep going. I do not want Sashiko to be over when we are done.


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