January 22, 2024 at 02:03PM

One of my core messages I want to deliver is the importance of acknowledging the “Upstream”. Intangible items such as Wisdom & Knowledge are difficult to “protect”. Or, as they are public domain, it is even silly to think of “protecting” them. However, it is an absolute fact that these “wisdom” and “knowledge” come from somewhere, and ignoring where they come from can hurt the stream itself. As Sashiko becomes very popular, I see so many people using a palm thimble (either metal, leather, or fabric) & using the middle finger instead of the index finder. If it is because of my videos or teaching starting 2016, I am happy as it was my intention to make it to the “Public”. I knew it would be copied. Many advised me not to, but I couldn’t stand the “Sashiko” introduced without the thimble we use & form we have developed over years. Unfortunately, some of them who share their stitching form (with thimble & middle finger, probably without core & essence, though) do not mention where they learned from. Without them referring, the upstream will be buried by others who intend to increase the water amount to their own stream.

At the same time, I am willing to learn if there are other cultures with similar forms. I have a favor. If you know anyone stitching with the same/similar form as ours BEFORE 2016, please let me know. If you know anyone who shares their stitching with the same/similar form, please ask them where they learned from. I DO NOT ask for any monetary compensation or legal right as I am the one who says “Copy It”. All I want is the acknowledgement to the upstream.



#Sashiko #刺し子


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