January 19, 2023 at 11:11AM

I enjoy a lot of feedback in the previous post about “Ordinary” and Sashiko. Thank you. Ultimately speaking, I guess this “Sashiko in the Ordinary” is all I would like to protect from various types of Romanized Sashiko for someone’s profit. Some say Sashiko is a stitching to embrace imperfection as if it is okay to avoid effort to be better. Some insist the “answer” to Sashiko, or even “what is Right Sashiko”. Is there any “right bread” when I bake it for my family & friends? Isn’t it natural to practice more to bake better bread for them so that they can enjoy it? Therefore, I say, Sashiko is a form of “praying” – not only the technique, design or not even meditation. (I accept the meditative outcome of Sashiko, but defining Sashiko as Meditation is risky. For me, Meditation is more “inward” to treat oneself. Sashiko is more “toward” to care for someone)

Please, please embrace your own ordinary as well instead of applying someone’s “answer”. Don’t let others define your happiness. Some of my choices are the outcome of “pessimism”, yet I find the outcome as my happiness. I bake bread since I cannot find the bread I want my family to eat (I wouldn’t be doing it if I had a local bread store). I wipe the floor while my wife isn’t at home (as she feels bad that I am wiping the floor). Some elderly people would consider my “mended denim” as “poor” because they used to do so for their survival (like my mother in law). We all live in the “perspective”, and I want you to be the one who decides what you choose (not want – choose). Sashiko is a good practice to do so. Why? Because that’s how Japanese people have(had) been stitching Sashiko for more than centuries.

Another Thursday with Live Streaming – and then Sashiko Gathering. Link on Story & Highlight. I share my ordinary with no editing & filters. Photo from Good Old Memories from 2017 When I was a Stay at Home Dad.


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