January 04, 2022 at 09:01PM

I am glad to see the beauty of Sashiko inspires many people. Yes, it is beautiful. Have you ever thought of why Sashiko can be so beautiful or inspiring? Since I had decided to speak up, many people tried to define “What Sashiko is” based on “How it looks”. Sure, the design can be unique… but is “that” unique? There isn’t such a thing as “Sashiko Patterns”. We have just the “(Japanese) Geometric Pattern” we use often in Sashiko.

For me, the beauty of Sashiko exists in the practice & the ordinary. The ordinary is a series of our own stories. The collection of the ordinary becomes the “culture”. Therefore, I am speaking up. Focusing on “How it looks outside” for the showing-purpose or Artistry is an important part of Sashiko, but it doesn’t explain the whole. It is okay to have “outside (Tatemae) and inside (Honne)”, yet one has to be (able to be) mindful of that. Not taking care of the back of fabric (clothing) saying “Oh, no one can see it so we don’t have to take care of that” is not following the Sashiko you may find “it” beautiful.

There are so many stories of why. There are reasons for the Geometric Pattern, and I have probably shared it in this account somewhere (or on Patreon…?). The “why” create the “technique”, and that’s what I teach in my Class. The superficial technique without “why” may be just an excuse not to learn. Sashiko is extremely easy and simple, but not shallow or superficial. The photo is inside of the Jacket I had shared yesterday. Keiko’s work. She decides what is “showing” and “hiding”, with stories.


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