January 03, 2024 at 04:25PM

Continuously, “Acknowledging the Upstream (in Sashiko)” will be one of the main messages in 2024. To clarify it better, I sometimes write a post (indirectly) accusing those who may have copied Unshin from our videos/posts. Please don’t get me wrong. I am NOT accusing anyone for “copying”. I say [copy it] in the videos. Copying itself is fine. Copying while ignoring the upstream (although they know where it comes from) are the destroyer of culture.

Before 2016, the videos of Sashiko’s Unshin you see today were non-existent. Today, we can find many videos in non-Japanese language introducing Unshin with middle finger & round (metal) thimble as if it is “the answer” for Sashiko & its Unshin. Interestingly, not so many uploaded in Japanese. The Unshin I share is NOT the answer for Sashiko. There are many other types of Unshin, and there are many Sashiko artisans who have been doing Sashiko for decades, like 50 years.

I never teach Sashiko saying [What I teach is the “answer”] or “one stop for all”. What I teach is just a station to start a Sashiko Journey. Those who upload the “Copied Unshin” say they taught themselves, by doing so they are missing a very important cultural part of Sashiko.

In Japan, there are so many types of Unshin. There are so many Sashiko Artisans with their own practice & style in Japan. I respect them sincerely, and I want to be respectful to them, too. Please help us to identify the upstream. There are many stories & people behind the word, “Sashiko”.

正直な所、2016年に運針動画を初めて投稿した際は、これほどまでに中指と皿付き指貫の運針動画が英語圏で蔓延することは想像してませんでした。コピーされる覚悟でやってるし、真似して欲しい(見て学んでほしい)と言いながらの活動なので本望っちゃ本望なのですが、同時にここまで無視されるとも思ってませんでした。このご時世だからだとは思うのですが、 「どこから学んだか・何を参考にしたか」は記載されていないのが殆どです。




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