February 25, 2024 at 08:50PM

Believe it or not, I am an introvert. I am too shy to talk to someone whom I don’t know well… so I apologize for “just eye-contact & smile” when you found me in QuiltCon. It is true me on the stage for lectures or right next students in the workshop… but, from “natural standing point”, I still prefer stitching over going out for drinks with many people (unless they are okay with me bringing the stitching materials there).

Although I am not a dedicated quilter, QuiltCon has been like a home to me. Thanks to many Quilt Heros (in my mind), I got many chances to introduce myself. If you came to this Instagram Account recently, and you aren’t sure about what Sashiko is, please consider taking the “Introduction to Japanese Sashiko Stitching” Course on Domestika. Link is this: https://ift.tt/miQkL4v

Unfortunately, Sashiko introduced in English is simplified & romanticized. Therefore, I didn’t have any “recommendation” until this Domestika Course. Yes, the course is also somewhat “simplified”, yet it is a good “start” to understand what I am trying to do. Then, when they need further assistance, please consider taking the In-Person or [Core & Essence] Online Class. What I teach in QuiltCon & on Domestika do not really overlap. The QR code is on the 2nd photo, and the link is also available on the Story & Highlight.

Photo (c) Domestika



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