February 12, 2024 at 09:12AM

After so many discussions & planning, I am happy to announce the date for Sashiko Japan Tour 2024. It is from Nov.17th to Nov.27th (recommended to be in Japan on Nov.16th). The theme for this tour is to “experience” and “meet people” to see the Japanese Sashiko I want to share. Many opportunities to learn many types of Sashiko & Local Experience from Japanese Sashiko Artisans.

The waitlist has been opened on Google Form (https://ift.tt/8bZVoJq). I will start sending the invitation in the order of the list while considering the priorities such as Online Sashiko Class / In-Person Workshop Status & Patreon Support. In order to be part of this tour, [Core & Essence] Sashiko Class I offer is the prerequisite. It is like learning how to ski/snow-board before I take you to the various snow mountains.

The waitlist is open for a possible Sashiko Japan Tour after 2025. The detailed website will be available sometime next month. The first Sashiko Japan Tour in Spring 2023 was a life-changing experience for me. I am glad that I will have another opportunity to share “The Sashiko I see from my eyes as a Sashiko Artisan”, in Japan. This is something I can leave to this world to pass down the Sashiko, which may be lost in this fast & rough trend.



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