February 09, 2024 at 08:58PM

Two weeks from now, on Friday night of 2/23, I will be having another grateful opportunity to speak on the stage as part of the #QuiltCon Lecture. Last year in 2023 in Atlanta, my lecture was about “Cultural Sustainability”. This year, I will talk about the difference I feel as a Sashiko Artisan between (Modern) Quilting and Sashiko. The coherence message in my lecture is to bridge “my culture” to “their culture”. I am always trying to include/involve anyone regardless of who they are. If one finds my stories “exclusive”, then they are reading what they want to read – not what is written.

When I wrote the proposal of this lecture, I was a bit anxious if this lecture would be as good as the previous one. The ”Cultural Sustainability” is the lecture topic I have been practicing & I can be “somewhat” confident in that. In the process of preparation, in comparing Sashiko & Quilting, I found an interesting “connection”. By sharing the difference, I may be able to “bridge/connect” two (and possibly more) stitching practices. Live Streaming every week also helps me to make my stories so comprehensive.

I do not want to raise the bar so high before the actual lecture. However, I feel like this topic can be another great topic for my future lecture availability. If you plan to be there, I will see you soon! Oh, make sure to talk to me after the lecture to get the sticker (before the lecture, I am probably spacing out due to the fear of being on the stage).



#Sashiko #刺し子


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