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Tomorrow is Feb.8th in the US (It is Today in Japan). If you follow this account long enough, you may know what Feb.8th is for Stitchers in Japan. Yes, it is a day of “Hari-Kuyou” – a Farewell Ceremony for broken/bent needles.

“Culture” isn’t something extraordinary. It is developed (preserved or changed) over many years by the people who belong to the culture. Therefore, “Culture” often comes with many stories. In other words, the “Stories” make culture. In Sashiko’s discussion (teaching) on Internet platforms, I occasionally hear the word “Just Because” or “Simply”. There isn’t such a thing as “Just Because”: there are always stories, which often give us the reason for why. Why this thread? Why this needle? Why Sashiko isn’t only about technique? All of my sharing & teaching offer the stories for why.

If one is a part of culture, saying “Just Because” is fine because they just doesn’t “connect” the story & fact. Once they think enough, they can find reasoning. “Just Because” or “Simply” without a good understanding of the culture is quite dangerous because it can be just an excuse to not to learn more. We have a ceremony for the broken needle, and we have reasons why. We believe a spirit in the needle, and we have stories for it. I appreciate you following this account and keep reading. I wish they were to teach not only “How to make perfect stitches” but also “The stories behind the culture”: Well, that’s why I am here to share more stories on the other side of teaching saying “Just because”.



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Hari Kuyou and Sashiko

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