February 06, 2024 at 08:43AM

As I learn English everyday, I realize the “definitive” perspective of English as a Language – both effectiveness & risk. I admire English as the tool to communicate over many different cultures. At the same time, it can be violent when they try to define other cultures – like Sashiko introduced in English. Language often is a Tool, and English is like a Sharp Knife. I really wish that we (as English Speakers) acknowledge the power of English.

[Sashiko is very similar to embroidery, except that most designs are geometric]. This is a comment on my Youtube video talking about “Cultural Appropriation”. You know this isn’t true if you have been reading my Sashiko Stories. Well… if I were to read naturally, this comment says that the difference is “just” the design. As you know, the difference between Sashiko and other embroidery (or Hand-Stitching) is NOT just the design. Would it be called “Entitlement”, or in a positive way, I would say this is the “sharpness” of English. Without the ability to read English as full context, English is the language to accelerate the Simplification. We are so used to reading the “summary” by someone… yet English is more than just a tool when we can acknowledge the full context.

Don’t define someone’s culture so easily. Don’t judge someone’s life so lightly. Most importantly, Don’t let anyone define what Sashiko is for you, and who you are. Sashiko is MORE than design, and the comment like above is, unfortunately, ignorant (the sign of no further learning). I hope you here aren’t one of those.


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