December 30, 2022 at 08:21AM

Indigo Dye… so called “Japanese Blue” is always my favorite in Natural Dye. When Keiko and I decided to “sell” her Natural Dye Sashiko Threads, we made one rule as our challenge – which is to keep “Continuously and Reproducibility”. As we dye by hand with Natural Ingredients, the colors are always “different” – they are all one of a kind by each dye-batch. However, I believe it is our responsibility to “try our best” to reproduce the similar color. For that purpose, for Indigo Dye, we have 2 shades, Dark (A-1) and Light (A-2).

However, as you may know, Indigo & Natural Dye are not so simple to distinguish into 2 colors. One story says that we have 48 names of shades for Indigo Dye. Each 48 shades has their own name! In 2022, Keiko tries to see how many shades she could reproduce – and the results are interesting & beautiful. I hope that I can bring some of them to the US in 2023… and introduce it as “Indigo Dye beyond our control”. Colors are so mesmerizing, and it is a very important part of my (our) creation.




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