December 28, 2022 at 12:04PM

It is extremely important to understand & get familiar with the concept of “Justice” when an Asian man (who grew up in an old-fashioned way) tries to adapt to the Western Culture. In a society built on Monotheism (with Absolute God), the “Correct Answer” often exists. I am not talking about good or bad about this – I just need(ed) to “modify” myself when I immigrated here. I respect my religious friends, and I am learning it every single day (as I live in a Christian Community with a Jewish Spouse). When it comes to Sashiko, as Sashiko exist in Japanese culture, I want them to “adjust themselves” instead of “changing/filtering” the Sashiko Culture itself to fit their “mold/shape” comfortably. Unfortunately, it seems to happen a lot in many practices – A culture/practice is “changed” by someone with privilege for their profit/comfort. Culture changes, but that’s cannot be the excuse to be ignorant.

[What is the Right (Size) Stitch for Sashiko?] – I used to see this discussion a LOT. I don’t know about now as I stopped interacting with “them”, but this question makes me sad as they do not even realize their value-system in another “culture”. When “Right” exists, “Wrong” always exists in dualism. Sashiko is “life” for me, so when one defines one Sashiko as “Right”, will my life be defined as “Wrong”? We (as Japanese) NEVER had war in Sashiko arguing which Sashiko is right in our history. Now, in(from) Western Trend, I worry the “war” may happen (or even happening). I am here to include – not exclude, yet my words are probably not comfortable for those who wish for Instant Gratification or an easy answer. I teach how to find “Your Own Answer” – as I believe “You are valuable as you are” – don’t let anyone define what is right and wrong for you. Please.


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