December 16, 2023 at 11:52AM

I appreciate all the positive reviews on our store, about my Sashiko Classes, and on Domestika Course. I found one interesting review that made me research & think. The review stated: [The Instructor instills confidence and radiates tranquility]. Well. I looked up the words first to make sure that my understanding isn’t far from what it actually means. “Instills” is a bit scary as I feel it may tresspasses someone’s personal space… yet, it is indeed what I am fighting against now – “Establish an idea” where a majority adapt the form they only feel comfortable with. Francly speaking, I do not find my story “tranquil (calm)” much, but I am happy that my teaching can radiate tranquility to those who learn Sashiko from me. I realize, probably, my “ordinary” itself is already “tranquil” in the Western Standard. Even after 6 years of teaching, I still find how unique my experience/wisdom can be in non-Japanese culture.

As you know, I do not like combining “Zen” to Sashiko as the principle itself goes the opposite. The outcome as “by-product” can be like Zen – focusing on Zen/Meditation is too simplifying the practice. Then, you may ask, isn’t “Zen” establishing “Tranquility”? I don’t have space to answer that here. I hope my Sashiko/Teaching will provide the answer.

It is absolutely necessary to “stitch” for the better understanding of Sashiko as a practice. However, the Sashiko itself can go beyond the practice. The main focus of the Sashiko Story here is, of course, Sashiko. However, would you be interested if I spin-off the story of “Spiritualism” that I carry? I do not want to make it sketchy. Something very ordinary for us – yet may be something new to you? Personally, I prioritize logic, yet I feel I need to share the story of “outside of Sashiko” to describe what Sashiko is.


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