August 17, 2023 at 08:10AM

I very much appreciate those who left positive reviews in Sashiko Workshops in the previous QuiltCons – thanks to them, I can offer it again. I also appreciate those who signed up for the coming-up workshop

It is an honor to revisit & offer Sashiko Workshop & Lecture at #QuiltCon2024. It looks like Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence) are full for now (Thank you!), but please keep your name on the waiting list as the availability can change often in such a big event like QuiltCon. For 2023~2024, I decided to focus on my own stitching rather than teaching – so this is one of a few opportunities I teach in-Person. I hope to meet/see you there in Raleigh, NC.

I also received a fortune to offer a Lecture again. QuiltCon is a festival for Quilting & Quilters – and in relation to Sashiko, the most popular question is “What is the difference between Quilting and Sashiko”? I don’t think any Sashiko Teachers have come up with concrete answers to that as they aren’t really “different”. However, by studying what Sashiko is from a cultural perspective, there may be a big of “categorization” I can offer as “difference”. Acknowledging this difference will be a great bridge between Appropriation to Appreciation, and I hope that understanding another culture will enrich their Quilting Creation. Lecture is on Friday night… which may be the time for participants to “party”, but I hope to share an interesting hour there.

Big Thanks to @themqg for organizing this! I will start preparing workshop & lecture so that I can offer the “very best” for the moment.




#Sashiko #刺し子


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