August 06, 2021 at 12:05PM

Thank you for watching the Live Streaming. I prioritize sharing stories while many others are focusing on selling Sashiko supplies & DIY sets. I have been explaining why I need to prioritize the stories. However, it doesn’t mean that I do not have to worry about making ends meet. 

We all live in different conditions. Some have, and the others do not. It is not my intention to filter people based on what they have or don’t have. Some live in wealthy countries. Others do not. Some understand my language, the others do not. While we aren’t equal in different conditions, I try my best to be as fair as possible.

So, if you can, please be mindful of what you do (choose, learn, purchase and support). I am not saying everyone should purchase Sashiko supplies from us. As I wrote above, everyone is in different conditions. However, I try my best to be competitive after paying all the responsible fees (such as Tax) and as sufficient amount as possible for suppliers/artisans. I understand if you choose other suppliers based on your convenience. However, if you choose others, do not spread your choice here as if I recommend them. 

I sincerely appreciate your support. All the links are available from the profile & I try my best to update the business in @upcyclestitches (Although I prioritize stories more). Please be respectful & considerate even in different conditions. (The direct support is available on Patreon.)


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