August 04, 2021 at 11:48AM

My old phone’s battery just gave up. So, I replaced it. I stopped Instagram Live Streaming for many reasons a year ago, and one of them was problems with my phone. So, I tried the new one. It worked fine, and many new features surprised me. Since it works, I will do Live Streaming both on Instagram & Youtube.

Youtube is for more “Theme” based Live Streaming with dates planned, specifying the language I speak. Instagram, no theme, no topics, no language specification, and no schedule. I will do it when I feel like it. I may bring someone in, or I may do it by myself. My goal is to “leave” all the living voices of Sashiko so that someone can refer to them in the future. I hope the live streaming will be part of that. 

If you would like to jump into the Live & Talk with me, DM me. I only accept them when I know them.


厳密に配信の棲み分けをする訳ではないのですが、しっかりとテーマが決まっているものはYoutubeで時間を決めて行います(例えば靈氣のお話とか – 7/30の配信でお話しました!)。ゲストを招いた配信とかもYoutubeかな。逆にインスタグラムでは、テーマも何もなく、思いついた時に配信をする形にしようと思っています。ちょっとバタバタするかもしれませんが、1年ほどリズムが掴めなかった配信のリズムを、これをきっかけに取り戻せられたら良いなと思っています。

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