August 03, 2021 at 08:13AM

The world is getting more sensitive to Cultural Issues: and I am learning a lot about what “Cultural Appropriation” is. My message is simple, though. Please (keep) learn(ing) when they speak about their foriegn culture. Is it too much to ask? Unfortunately, for some of them, it is.

I often find a definitive phrase saying“Sashiko is ◯◯” while I do not find the similar phrase in Japanese so often. I don’t question them anymore because I learned their phrases are based on the interpretation of someone non-Japanese – they talk based on the 2nd-source. However, when I see a new phrase, I try to be as humble as possible and ask for their wisdom. I dare not say I know everything about Sashiko. There may be a non-Japanese who have documentation to validate their saying.


In 2019, I read a phrase, “Learn the Basic Sashiko technique (established) from the Edo period”. No one around me knows when “the Basic of Sashiko” was established. So, I asked him/her for the documentation. The reply was just astonishing: “I do not engage in any discussion with your opinion”. They clearly ignored the voice, and filtered the culture for their convenience (business or exhibition) by their privilege. I get a LOT of comments with worry about C/A. I am happy to offer individual consultation if that’s a good solution. However, here is a very clear line – “If you worry, then you don’t have to worry so much.” The C/A I am fighting is those who intentionally ignore & never learn the practice, yet use the word for their profit. English is my second language. I try to make it as simple as possible.


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