April 07, 2021 at 12:50PM

Cultural Appropriation is a very sensitive, and difficult topic to discuss. One says, “This is Cultural Appreciation” and other say “No, it is Cultural Appropriation”. Although I am still learning, there is one thing I can share on this – “The voice/pain is real”. Pain cannot be defined by majority decision. If there is even one with pain by someone’s ignorance, then I would like to support them. It is heartbreaking to see @albstoffe minimizing a voice from @made.by.yuki and others.

I cannot/shouldn’t talk on behalf of other Japanese, besides the topic of Sashiko/Boro. I am not educated enough to talk about textile design and textile marketing. “Personally”, naming a Japanese word for the product/business is NOT so painful “TO ME” When They Try to understand/respect the culture behind it. That’s the whole story about my story of Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko (check the video on Youtube). Here, since “Sakura” is used for their branding, I share how “respecting or wrong” it can be to use the word “Sakura” for their profit. I will make an article on Patreon available for while to share deeper insight. (https://ift.tt/3rVHCsX)

As Sashiko is more than a translation of “Little Stabs”, Sakura is more than a mere word for us. Sakura trees can be Sacred for the Japanese. It is okay that they didn’t know. They can learn today, then apply it with appreciation. The issue is “intentional ignorance”. Cultural Appropriation happens when one intentionally ignores the voice from the people in that culture. “Caring” is a boundary between Appreciation & Appropriation. 



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