April 04, 2024 at 04:38PM

There is no such a thing as “Right Sashiko” or “Wrong Sashiko”. However, there is the “Classic Way” of Sashiko, which we can find from Books/Documents published 50~60 years ago. We may call it “Traditional”, but it doesn’t mean “old” or “in the Past”. Unfortunately, the line of this “Classic Way” is very slim as very few people kept themselves on it. Japan went through so many changes, and we lost our ways to preserve something important.

I am fortunate to have Reiko (@sashiko.reisaian) as a friend/teacher whom we can ask for wisdom. In her childhood, she learned Sashiko from those “legendary” artisans who established the Classic. She is actively stitching & humble to learn something new (I met her through my class). She was already skilled when I met her, yet she is applying for Unshin & being part of our future of Sashiko.

What she does will surprise the world. It is so unfair that a person like her isn’t well-known because of the language barrier. My mission is to bridge Classic to Future in a simplified Sashiko introduced in English.

When Sashiko becomes the Art form, I hope Sashiko Artists like Reiko will lead the scene. I am confident in my words & actions as someone like her listens to me. She ensures my stories are real.






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