April 02, 2024 at 05:11PM

I very much appreciate positive comments on the previous post & the [Introduction to Japanese Sashiko] course on Domestika. I also appreciate those who send me “Warm Concerns” about the balance of pricing & compensation to the teacher. As I accepted Domestika’s offer with a very specific purpose, it is okay that I cannot provide for the family by just teaching. I have a much bigger problem – which is “Not Known”, or worse “Erased by Someone with a Louder Voice”. So, it is one strategy to survive that the money cannot substitute.

I am not designed to be on the stage. I don’t know how to behave in front of cameras. Ever since I realized “I” need to speak up to preserve “Sashiko”, it has been a great continuous challenge outside of my comfort zone. There are reasons I have no media available before 2017. It never occured to me to share my appearance like I do today.

Well. It is sad that I need to take a course called “Japanese Sashiko” – but this is the reality I need to face. Through the Domestika Course, I hope that Sashiko not introduced in English would be passed across the hands & voices.

Challenges outside of Comfort Zone bring one big return. There are countless opportunities to meet (future) Sashiko Artisans. As Sashiko isn’t so complicated (yet so profound to “master” it), anyone can reach the level of me & Keiko. All they need is a proper understanding of “Form (Kata)” and “Fun in Stitching”. When they have fun, then they “happen to be” very good at it. “Fun” is the Sashiko I teach – and to prove my point, I will introduce some Sashiko Artisans from my teaching accordingly. (I need to “try” to smile in front of Camera. I am not angry – i just am not good at it).

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