April 01, 2021 at 10:16AM

“All different and All Good”. I believe the Sashiko (especially done by Unshin without focusing on the result) represent the stitcher themselves. As there is no “right and wrong” in humans, (I believe there are no “wrong” humans as who we are), there is no such thing as “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko. If you find a rule in Sashiko, it is either a (big) local tradition or a filter to make “it” easy. The essence of Sashiko exists in the ordinary. It is nonsense to define “Right and Wrong”.

It is easy to say “All different and All Good”. However, it is very challenging to make it visual. One project we try to visualize our belief is this “Jacket made by people who learn Unshin”. The 2nd project started in 2020. Keiko is about to complete the project. I will explain the whole picture when it is ready, but I just wanted to share how “beautiful” it can be – “All different and All Good”. However, it doesn’t mean “whatever is good”. Without learning the form (Kata), one cannot be different.



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