Sashiko Starter Set 2

Sashiko Starter Set | Everything you need to Start

The word of Sashiko starts getting popular in 2000’s slowly but surely. I enjoyed Sashiko workshop in the Netherlands in 2012. I had many customers from Australia. Many people from Hawaii with Japanese heritage visited us throughout the years. However, Sashiko is still minor field. Many people wonder how to start it. Although it is simple to start Sashiko and it doesn’t require you to purchase a lot of expensive tools and/or materials, I thought it would be nice to prepare the “Sashiko Starter Set” for those who want to start Sashiko today. I hope this set will motivate Sashiko market to grow bigger.


Sashiko Starter Kit


Sashiko Starter Set | Everything you need to start Sashiko


In order to learn what Sashiko is and how we practice Sashiko stitching, please refer to the overview article about Sashiko.

In this Set, you will have everything you would need to start Sashiko stitching, besides a ballpoint pen or a tracing wheel. A cheap ballpoint pen from a dollar store  (preferably with red ink) would be fine. If you would need a threader, please get it by yourself. Also, some project may require the interface. The interface is not included.


The set include;


Sashiko Starter Set 5


Imagine what you want to make with Sashiko. It’s the start.

After you get the Sashiko Starter Set, it is up to what you make. We will keep updating the website and video tutorials for stimulation and inspiration for your Sashiko. Imagine what you want to do with Sashiko. It is the start of your enjoyable journey with Sashiko.



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