Sashiko Pattern Book with as many as 92 of patterns

When you would like to learn Sashiko, getting a good resource is necessary. There are many good books written about Sashiko in the market. Here, I introduce a Sashiko Pattern Book, with as many as 92 patterns in it. All the contents are written in Japanese…. therefore it may not suitable for everyone who is reading this blog. However, looking at the pattern will inspire you to create your next Sashiko project.


*You can check a part of the book contents from Japanese Amazon Site. They are all in Japanese, but just click the photo of this page so you will see a pop-up page with sample pages.



Sashiko Pattern Book


It is inspiring by just looking at Sashiko Pattern Book


Sashiko is all about your inspiration. There are unlimited numbers of patterns for Sashiko. The patterns are not only “Asano-Ha” or “Shippou.” Any stitchers can create their own patterns. However… it is very difficult to come up with stylish, cool and attractive patterns since Sashiko is different from drawing. Even if a drawing looks good on a sheet of paper, the drawing may not look good on the fabric after stitching. Creating a pattern is another challenging part of Sashiko.

No worries, though. We have all the patterns from past as asset. This book introduces as many as 92 patterns for Sashiko including the traditional ones and contemporary ones. It is inspiring to look at these patterns. The patterns will motivate you to do another Sashiko project.


We have some patterns for download as PDF.

You can download and use them as much as you want after one-time purchase. One package has 4 traditional Sashiko patterns including “Asano-Ha” or “Shippou”. The other is more modified based on the traditional patterns.


Sashiko book pattern _ traditional patterns
Traditional Patterns
Sashiko book pattern _ modified patterns
Modified Patterns

A process of transferring patterns on the fabric is easy. A piece of cake.

Are you worried about transferring pattern on the fabric? It is very easy when you follow the appropriate procedure. We introduce a process of transferring pattern on the fabric with unique materials. Every material is also available on this website with reasonable price.


Our goal to write a book about Sashiko.

Ah. It is one of our ultimate goals to write a book about Sashiko based on our 30+ years of experience and 50+ years of our history. I hope this website will be our milestone to write a book in future. We can focus on Sashiko as well as Boro and mending.


Sashiko Pattern Book

If you know any publisher who may be interested, or if you are the one who can publish a book, please contact us.


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