September 26, 2021 at 10:04PM

I decided to step out of my comfortable zone to protect my own identity. Only one way I found to protect is “to share” my own stories so that someone may receive & keep the Sashiko I have been living with. I was born with being “decided” to be the next heir of Sashiko Family Business, and I hated my fate from the bottom of my heart. In order to escape from this curse, I kept learning about it, and I still have been struggling to find out what I am facing. 

I teach Sashiko as a “condensed essence” of Sashiko: Core & Essence. Once they learn this core, other “how to” will be supplemental (as I share some tutorials on Youtube). As I wrote above, I share my Sashiko story to respect myself & what we have been through: which I didn’t want to admit to for a while. 

Anyone can do/teach/write/sell Sashiko. I know some people make my stories indifferent to the general ideas: After all, it is hand-stitching. However, I want them to know there are people’s lives in those stories. Sashiko is easy enough anyone can “teach” after spending a decent amount of time researching & stitching. However, Sashiko isn’t shallow enough to accept someone’s ignorance and indifference. I know we live in a world where “Instant Gratification” defines success, and even happiness. I probably do the same in non-Sashiko things. I am aware that what I do (Sashiko) seems to be somewhat indifferent to someone who values Instant Gratification. I share stories based on both struggle and gratification of my 30+ years. So, you are reading my stories of my life. It would be great if you could keep reading my stories, both here and possibly on Patreon. And, please help me out by spreading your words.


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