September 24, 2023 at 07:12PM

The photo is Sashiko done by my friend @sashiko.reisaian and her works are now exhibited in Tokyo between 9/22 to 9/30 (Please check her Account for the Details of Location & Hours). She took my Sashiko Unshin Workshop in Japanese although she has her own experience in Sashiko for more than 30 years. She is my student, yet my teacher, and most importantly, she is one of my good friends who enjoy Sashiko together very closely. (She taught us Sashiko on our Sashiko Japan Trip Spring 2023).

We have quite a different approach to Sashiko. The difference comes with our own story, and sometimes what we discuss can sound like we have complete “disagreement”. In fact, it is “understanding the difference” instead of “proving which is right”. We are connected on one fact – we do Sashiko. She is the actual Sashiko Master who should be teaching, publishing, and acknowledged by the world. Therefore, I keep saying, Sashiko introduced in English isn’t wrong, but is missing something important – as Her work, words, and Sashiko are very important parts of Sashiko.

作品展のお知らせです。といっても、私や恵子さんの作品は展示されないのですが、@sashiko.reisaian (玲子さん)の作品が展示されている「キルトスタジオ布細工」様と小山先生の作品展が9/22~9/30の日程で六本木にて開催されています。運針会で運針をお教えした生徒さんでありながら、且つ私にとって先生のような存在の玲子さん。大先輩というか、アプローチは違えど同じ方向を見ている同志というか、もっと世界に知られるべきと思っている作家さんの一人です。この春に夢叶ってご挨拶できた玲子さんの先生の吉浦さんもご参加されている展示のようです。



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