For Sashiko Workshop Graduates | Follow up

I always get encouraged by all of your voices (feedbacks & reviews) for my Sashiko Workshop. For those who are my Sashiko Workshop Graduates, please make sure that you receive the follow-up e-mails within 7 days after the workshop.

As I mentioned in the workshop, my goal is for you to keep enjoying Sashiko even after the workshop.

My Sashiko Workshop Graduates & the follow-up e-mails.

I usually get the e-mail address of participants throughout my online store when you purchase the seat. However, from time to time, I do not get the correct e-mail address because of typo or hand-writing. (Remember, I am a foreigner… hahaha.)


I send a follow-up e-mail as soon as I get back to home. The process completes within 7 days at most. If you do not receive any e-mail from me, it is either the e-mail address I have is incorrect, or the e-mail got into your junk e-mail box.


If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact me via the contact information on my business card. If you don’t have my business card, simply contact me through this website.


Contact to Atsushi | Upcycle Stitches


I would like to make sure that EVERYONE gets what I would like to share. If you have taken my workshop in the past, and have not received the e-mail at all, please let me know.


Also, if you enjoyed my workshop, please leave your feedback & Review here. It will help me to gather more people in future, and it will help me to come to NYC more often to offer advanced & Intermediate classes.


Help Atsushi by Leaving a Review


Sashiko Workshop Graduates


For those who cannot take my Sashiko workshop


I know. I am so sorry that I do not travel to your city and offer the workshop.

My goal is to travel everywhere in the world to offer the workshop. As of now, for the location & travel time, only NYC is the availability.

If you are part of a large organization, such as quilting group or hand-crafting group, please suggest my workshop to them. I am happy to travel when condition meets.


Also, I am in the process of developing the Sashiko Online Workshop. The actual face-to-face workshop is the ideal, but I would like to offer the option of taking it online without losing the benefit of my workshop.


Keep requesting me so I know where I need to go in future.

As of now, I have areas in my list…

  • Many Major cities in West Coast of USA | WA, OR, and CA.
  • Philadelphia Neighborhood
  • Japan (Yes, interestingly)
  • Portugal
  • Florida


You may subscribe our newsletter to get the latest information. I will definitely let you know when I have the workshop in anywhere in the world.


Thank you so much for your interest in Sashiko.

Because of your passion & loyalty, my mother and I can keep going this appreciative journey with Sashiko.



3 thoughts to “For Sashiko Workshop Graduates | Follow up”

  1. Atsushi, I’m so happy that Portugal is already part of your list!…. I wish to all participants a great workshop in NY!!

  2. I am writing in this space because I didn’t see where else I could ask a question. I have watched your YouTube tutorials with great interest. They are fantastic! I look forward to seeing more. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My introduction to sashiko was during a workshop with Sylvia Pippin in Hilo, Hawaii. Nowhere before have I seen it mentioned that the stitch is worked from the wrong side as you show. I made a sample and it does work. Also, thank you for the permission to not follow the “rules” where stitches cross. This aspect of the stitch was causing grief. My question: I will be making a cushion using Nagano linen. On another website , the person recommends drawing the design onto lightweight fusible interfacing, ironing onto the wrong side of the fabric, then stitching. Is this something you would recommend?

    1. Hi Orysia,

      It may be a bit strange to stitch from the “back-side (hidden side)” but I am glad it worked fine.
      For your question, please take this as a personal opinion since I have never used Nagano Linen.

      I do not use fusible interface to transfer the pattern since it will affect the stitching experience. I care the beauty and speed of actual stitching, and interface will negatively impact my stitching skill. We use fusible interface, but always after the Sashiko stitching. For transferring pattern, I either draw it by myself or transfer with carbon paper. I have tried heat-transferring paper, but it also affects the Sashiko stitching experience by transferring some chemical, so I prefer not to do it.

      If you can draw a design onto the fusible interface, you should be able to draw it on the fabric, right? I always prefer to make it simple FOR FABRIC and make it troublesome for HUMAN.
      I hope it makes sense.

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